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You're never "due" for a win at the casino

With some of the discussion I've seen in this sub about strategies people are using playing the new games in the Casino, I just wanted to point out some facts about games of chance:
I'm sure these things are obvious to plenty of you, but if they're then not do yourself a favor and learn about the gambler's fallacy. Don't trust your intuition about games of chance unless you understand it. When it comes to games of chance, "common sense" is often dead wrong. When considering a strategy for such games, think carefully about whether that strategy is based in the gambler's fallacy. Don't trust trust any strategy that is.
There are some games where there's information available to you about the probabilities that might give you an advantage (i.e. visible cards of the dealer and other players), but that's information about the current trial and has nothing to do with previous trials and is not falling into the gambler's fallacy.
In some cases it's possible for information about past trials to provide useful information about the probabilities of the current trial (e.g. counting cards in Blackjack), but that requires accurate information about the whole state of the game you're playing (i.e. the number of decks in the dealing shoe, when re-shuffling happens, etc.). Some people are reporting success with counting cards at Blackjack in GTAO, but I'd be skeptical at this point. More power to you if that actually works and you can pull it off and make money with that method, but that again is really a matter of accurately computing the probability of the current trial and is not to be confused with the gambler's fallacy.
Some people have mentioned the Martingale strategy which sounds smart, but can only work eventually and only if there are no betting limits and you have an infinite amount of money to bet at the start (neither of which are true for the GTAO casino). While it's also not to be confused with the gambler's fallacy, the reverse martingale which may seem similar is exactly based in the gambler's fallacy. If you can't see the difference between the two, you probably shouldn't use either.
Finally, best of luck, have fun, and remember it's all just fake GTA$ since you can't spend Shark Card money at the casino.
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In fact, the betting system is sometimes called the Reverse Martingale system. In essence, Paroli seems to merge some of the elements of the Martingale system and Anti-Martingale system into one. Fundamentally, its two main purposes are to generate small wins consistently and to avoid the risk of huge losses. Initially used on betting, anti-martingale is showing good results on Forex. Many traders already know well the capital management according to the Martingale method. It is also known for its high profitability and the inevitable loss of the entire deposit at the same time. Anti-Martingale Baccarat System. This variant is actually a reverse martingale baccarat system. The original method requires you to double the wager after losses. This one increases the wager only after getting a win. Here is an example of how it works: Our first bet is 20 USD. Step Anti-Martingale. This Anti-Martingale variation suggests that you stop betting after a streak of a predefined number of wins, and then start a new cycle with a minimum bet amount. Example: Three-Step Anti-Martingale. Initial Deposit: $100 Initial Bet: $10 Odds: 2.0 The anti-Martingale, or reverse Martingale, system is a trading methodology that involves halving a bet each time there is a trade loss and doubling it each time there is a gain.

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