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PSA: Scammers would love to engage all the smart people here

This forum is a great educational tool which may well save you from falling for a scam.
Some of the post and questions here do indicate that some folks believe this education and/or their intelligence might allow them to "use their smarts" to engage with the scammers, perhaps just to see what will happen. example: This Sugar Daddy Victim - https://www.reddit.com/Scams/comments/gkcp8t/i_knew_the_sugar_daddy_thing_was_a_scam_but_i/
It is important to understand a key element of scams: they are the professionals, you are not. It's not about what YOU can think of. You're smart, but you're a novice.
Beware of the "Not me, I'm smart" and excitement reaction you may have when you detect a scam being attempted on you.
While many scammers prey on the uninformed, there are scammers who love smart, confident marks. Marks who "know" they'll outwit the scammers.
Except, the scammers are professionals who hack your psyche and who have spent thousands of hours developing the nuances of their scams; nuances which you likely cannot imagine, incredibly creative ways to get what they want and screw you. They're playing a game with you, but you don't know the rules or even what field you're playing on.
You'd never take a $10k bet that you'd win in football against an NFL pro, soccer against the pro leagues, chess against the Kasparov's and so on. Understand your scammer to be that because you can't tell the pro scammer from the wannabe scammer.
We're all novices when we're playing against the professional scammers. One of the most unnecessary mistakes we can make is to continue engage with a scammer if we're on to them.
By far the smartest thing we can do is to walk away. Anything else is a less wise choice.
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A Brief History of the Glazer's Failing Ownership of United, and Why the Notion that They Are Not to Blame for the Club's Decline is Beyond the Pale (x-Post from r/soccer)

I posted the following comment in a thread on soccer yesterday, and one of your lads kindly asked me to post it here for the United community to read. First though, a confession: I'm a Liverpool fan (*vinyl screech*). Now, at this point I'm not going to say that "I come in peace" or other such bollocks, nor am I here to gloat at your club's current misfortunes. I wrote this comment because for me this goes far deeper than football rivalries or petty schadenfreude. Manchester United is a proud and historic British institution, and the way that it has been shamelessly exploited, mismanaged and bled dry by the the current regime is a national disgrace that for me exemplifies a lot of what is going wrong with football and in fact this country as a whole at the moment. What's equally galling to me is that there are many people here on reddit and other forums who, either through ignorance of the facts or misplaced allegiances, still defend the Glazers for it. As a Liverpool fan I can relate better than most. Like the Glazers, our previous owners Hicks & Gillett bought our club in the mid 2000s with leverage and then unceremoniously dumped the debt onto the club. A decade ago we were an inch away from administration and ruin until John Henry and FSG saved our arses. If you think that can't happen to your club too, then you've not been properly paying attention. So, without freddy adu, here is a no-bullshit guide to the history of the Glazer ownership saga, warts and all...
I see a lot of people defending the Glazers on reddit lately, and usually with the same breath mocking Man Utd fans in a derisive tone for being fickle. "Look how much money they've spent", they'll say, or maybe point to patsy Woodward for orchestrating the on-field shambles. For those of us who have been around long enough to witness the slow-motion train wreck that has been the Glazer's tenure from the beginning however, it has been crystal clear for some time that the Glazers are the authors of their own (or rather the club's) misfortune. For those who are OTL or maybe think the Glazers have done nothing wrong, I'd like to regale you all with a tale of the greatest heist in football history. Like a bad crime novella, it involves intrigue, dirty business practices and, perhaps most bizarrely all, a bucket load of horse cum.
First things first though, dear readers, let me reassure you all that this is not a knee-jerk reaction by United fans to their team's current atrocious form, nor is it born of envy as a consequence of the brilliant resurgency of their noisy neighbours in Manchester and Merseyside (heh). In fact, these protests have been going on quietly behind the scenes ever since the Glazers first took over the reigns of the club 15 years ago...
Let us go back in time now to the EPL at the turn of this century. Manchester United, guided by the savant-like managerial talents of Alex Ferguson, were dominating English football like never before. A decade of almost unparalleled success on the field had elevated United to the pinnacle of British football, both in fan popularity and, more importantly for our story, financially. The club had built a solid international reputation throughout the 90s as a pioneer of the commercial aspect of the game. As an institution they were THE benchmark that all other clubs in Europe measured themselves by. They were the first footy club in Europe (maybe the world) to become publicly listed on a stock exchange, and by the early 2000s had a market capitalisation on the London Stock Exchange of around £750 million, making it by far the most valuable club in world football. They were a model club in every sense, posting annual profits of upwards of £30m which was faithfully pumped back into Ferguson's squad every summer. The post-9/11 world was in some senses a bleak and uncertain time to live in, but what seemed a sure bet to many of us was that Manchester United would continue to be the richest and therefore most successful team in England for evermore. After all, what was there to stop them?
Enter the Glazer family, proprietors of a Florida NFL franchise and a failing shopping mall empire. Beginning in the early 2000s, the reclusive head of the family, Malcolm Glazer, began quietly but diligently acquiring shares in Manchester United. Once he had reached 30% ownership, Glazer senior was obliged by stock exchange rules to make an offer for the remaining shares, which no doubt had been his plan all along. The United board led by CEO David Gill were at first resistant to Glazer's attempt at a hostile takeover and rebuffed his advances, making stern recommendations to the shareholders to reject the offer.
Of particular interest to keen observers were the positions of two of the major shareholders at the time, Irish racehorse breeders John Magnier and J. P. McManus, who together owned around 30% of the shares. In order to reach 75% ownership and force through a total buyout of the club, the Glazers would need to convince the Irish investors to sell their shares at some point. As fate would have it though, Ferguson had recently fallen out in spectacular fashion with Magnier and McManus over the stud rights of a valuable racehorse, the legendary Rock of Gibraltar, which they had gifted to him for his service to the club. The whole thing inevitably ended in court, and now the manager of Manchester United was in the awkward position of being at loggerheads with two of the club's major shareholders. Whether or not this affair was the catalyst, Magnier and McManus soon decided to go against the board's recommendation and sold their shares to the Glazers. Within weeks, the takeover was complete and the Americans were now in control of the richest and best-run club in world football.
It soon emerged, however, that the Glazers had borrowed around £750 million (the full value of the club) in order to buy it, and immediately upon completing the takeover had passed this debt burden onto the club. Manchester United had until that point been completely debt-free and possessed the financial muscle to outspend any club in England and probably the world. Now, under the new ownership, they were hamstrung by a yearly interest bill of around £70m against earnings of £250m, which could only result in stifling the club's ability to compete in the post-Abramovich transfer market. Understandably, many fans were apoplectic at these developments, and demonstrations took place at the last minute to try to stop the deal happening. Famously, the Glazers even required a police escort at their first appearance at Old Trafford, such was the public's disdain.
The fans' concerns quickly proved to be well founded, as despite continued success under Ferguson, expenditure on players was sporadic. Fergie famously lamented that there was "no value in the market", but wiser heads understood that the budget was being constrained by the Glazers. More worryingly for United's finances, however, was that the debt wasn't going down, but rather UP. The Glazers had borrowed via a high interest "PIK loan", which stood at almost 20% APR. All of a sudden, Manchester United, arguably the biggest club in the world, was in deep financial distress. There was even talk of selling the stadium and training ground in order to lighten the albatross of debt hanging around the club's neck. In the end, the Glazers fortuitously managed to refinance the debt by first issuing bonds at a low 5% yield and then listed the club on the NY stock exchange, selling 10% of their shares. The club was now out of immediate danger, but the bulk of the debt remained. According to the latest financial results, United spent £20m on interest payments last year and remain around £400m in the red. To date, the club has spent in excess of £1 billion on servicing this debt.
Today, thanks mostly to the boom in EPL television rights and the efforts of Woodward in cannily exploiting the commercial opportunities afforded by a vast global fanbase, the club is in sound financial health (for the time being at least) and the debt level is sustainable. However, they certainly rode their luck in the early years and selfishly placed the club in an extremely perilous financial position. During the first eight years of their ownership, the club continued to succeed on the pitch despite the Glazers, not because of them. Regardless of the relative lack of investment in the squad throughout this period, United overachieved thanks simply to the brilliance of Ferguson. But since the great man retired in 2013, the Glazers have been badly exposed as having no obvious talent or understanding of football matters by a never-ending chain of bad decisions. As if to add insult to injury, they draw in excess of £30m in dividends and salaries for themselves from the budget each year. The club's fortunes on the pitch are in a tailspin after the last seven years of mismanagement, and yet the Glazers continue to reward themselves for it most handsomely. And for those of you who still point to the lavish spending spree that United has embarked on in recent seasons, know this: not a PENNY of it has come from the pockets of the Glazer family - it has been entirely self-generated by the club's revenues.
In summary then, Manchester United fans' ire is not simply down to poor form on the pitch, but rather the way in which the Glazers bought the club in 2005 with bad debt and the gross mismanagement of it ever since. They relied on the genius of Ferguson for too long and completely bungled his succession. They have proven not only to be poor stewards of the club time after time, but have also badly crippled its finances for decades to come with unnecessary debt. In my opinion, aside from the Munich disaster, the Glazers' parasitic tenure has been the biggest misfortune to ever befall Manchester United.
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How to use Reddit to improve your knowledge of sports

How to use Reddit to improve your knowledge of sports

Now, as you are well aware, Reddit is an incredible resource for learning about a wide variety of things. From beauty to managing your finances, it seems there’s nothing you can’t learn about on the internet’s favorite forum.
So, with this in mind, it should come as no surprise that there’s a seemingly endless list of subreddits that are an ‘everything you need to know’ for pretty much every sport-related activity. Below we’ve listed some of the biggest forums that can help you improve your knowledge of sports.

Football (soccer)

Now, we’re not talking about the NFL here, but the global game of soccer. As soccer is the game that is supposedly the most popular sport in the world (4 billion fans can’t be wrong, eh?), there are so many threads that it’s hard to keep up. In the main subreddit of soccer, there are 1.6 million active users, or what they call “season ticket holders”.
At any given time, there could be thousands of soccer fans online sharing their thoughts on the latest transfer moves or how their team is faring in their respective leagues. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find subreddits for pretty much every professional league in the world. Want to learn how to train properly? No problem. Need to know some stats for a particular player? You’ll find plenty of resources here, too.


We’re going from the most popular sport on the planet to the most popular card game. Poker has always been a game with avid fans, but in recent times the rise of online poker has seen a new and fresh poker community grow and thrive in online forums. Although the main poker subreddit has only 111,000 members, you’ll find some really interesting tips and guides on improving your game, even for absolute beginners.
Incidentally, many of the top poker providers offer tutorials on their websites. Some of them have opted for online courses, where it is possible to develop a complete strategy and an online forum where you can interact with other pokers players or try some live training. Now, if you want to know which is the best, then ask on the poker subreddit, and you’ll get an honest response.


While the general basketball subreddit only has 40,000 members, the NBA subreddit boasts over 2.6 million members. Wow—and we thought soccer was popular! It seems that the world of basketball revolves around the NBA, so who are we to argue?
There are even plenty of subreddits for NBA teams, each packed with knowledgeable fans dying to share their opinions on their favorite team. There are some really interesting threads in the main NBA subreddit, though, such as how LeBron forgot he wasn’t playing for the Heat and blocked one of his own teammates. The comments on that particular thread are great, as they offer good insight into how the game is supposed to be played and what could be going through the mind of a player.


Come on, let’s face it.. Betting on sports is a really big deal. And whether or not you’re into placing wagers on the action, the threads on betting subreddits can actually be treasure troves of insights. In all honesty, they’re great places for fantasy sports pickers to learn about how their picks might fare.
On Reddit there is a complete forum (with more than 14,000 members) for learning about the main news, tips and picks in the sporting field. Once you have gleaned some of those useful insights we mentioned earlier, you can then use one of the main aggregators of bookmakers, like Oddschecker, for example, to make comparisons among the odds offered by the various major betting sites.


The main baseball subreddit now has 998,000 members, and it’s just a matter of time before that hits the magic million marker. That’s pretty astounding for a game that is really only played professionally in the US and some smaller nations such as Japan and Taiwan.
So, is it all about the MLB? In a word, yes. There’s very little discussion about any other leagues or teams outside the MLB, unless there’s a major international tournament going on. Even then, the MLB team news still tops the charts. Having said that, it still is a great place to learn as much as you can about the professional game. As you know, it’s a game of stats, and so there are hundreds of threads discussing the importance of a player or team’s numbers and how these can be used to predict future results. Again, this can be very useful for fantasy sports pickers or anyone that likes a bet on a game.
Reddit is a veritable minefield of information on sports. And the fact that you can engage in discussion makes it all the more of an enjoyable resource for learning. So, if you want to learn something about your favorite game, forget Wikipedia and get on Reddit.
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Today Football Betting tips and Predictions ( Soccer Betting picks FREE Daily ) 5/2/2020 World Best Football Betting Bot for Betfair with Integrated Football / Soccer Stats Straight Betting 6/7/19: The Lion System The ultimate sports betting system Sports Betting 101: Buying Points Basic Do’s and Don’ts

Soccer Is Random Soccer matches have very low scoring games. A match can be settled by a slight deflection or just by a sweet strike of the ball. These single moments can make or break soccer predictions. Soccer matches have far more luck and rand... r/sportsbetting: An online forum dedicate to gambling on all sports - NFL to table tennis, small straight bets to huge parlays, slight favorites to … Hello guys, since this is a general gambling forum, i will be dropping daily accumulator of games with minimum two odds which we can stake on and win. I bet on 1xbet, so most of my games will be on 1xbet since it is an international betting company. I will also share screenshots of the games and booking codes. Thank you. so i wanna do a nations league accumulator with a bunch of matches from the 10th of october to the 14th but i cant find the games from the 13th on any betting site but the ones on the 14th are there. i know they'll probably add them on the 13th but it'll be too late as i wanna add some games from the 10th and 11th to the accumulator too. Soccer Betting Strategy. In addition to the above tips, this betting guide also has a dedicated strategy section. This will improve your soccer betting skills, which will in turn give you a greater chance of making some money. Please note that none of the strategy advice we offer is guaranteed to turn you into a winner, but it will certainly help.

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Today Football Betting tips and Predictions ( Soccer Betting picks FREE Daily ) 5/2/2020

long disputed subject, and discussed everywhere like gambling forum or sports betting for a living reddit Since ever, offering sports betting tips and tricks for free on many sports is the main ... If you enjoyed this video, please be sure to like, share and subscribe, and to stay notified on the most recent content produced by SBR, click the notificati... betfair system, betfair betting system, betfair hi-lo system, betfair hilo system, betfair hi lo system, betfair videos, betfair tutorials, betfair tips, betfair tricks, betfair video tutorial ... sports betting forum online betting sports odds sports wagering nfl betting systems ... wager betting soccer betting bookies betting poker betting sports casino sports parlay Sports Betting 101 and Betting Tips: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas host Kelly Stewart talks with sports betting expert Teddy Covers and look at the NBA and share their Sports ...